Bur­ki­na Faso: A psych­iatric nur­se has star­ted work in Piéla

With the sup­port of our Mind­ful Chan­ge Foun­da­ti­on, the asso­cia­ti­on Yen­faa­bi­ma in Piéla/Burkina Faso was able to employ a psych­iatric spe­cia­list sin­ce 1 March 2019. Timo­thée Tinda­no, who tog­e­ther with the pas­tor Tank­pa­ri Guitan­ga on his initia­ti­ve has set up an out­pa­ti­ent psych­iatric con­sul­ta­ti­on in a rural regi­on in the nor­the­ast of Bur­ki­na Faso, will take over this work. His mis­si­on and wish is to deve­lop com­mu­ni­ty-based psych­iatric care that inclu­des exis­ting health care faci­li­ties. In this way, many sick peop­le recei­ve afford­a­ble pro­fes­sio­nal help. The Mind­ful Chan­ge Foun­da­ti­on will accom­pa­ny and expand the deve­lo­p­ment of this work.